VRnow is a 3D visualization Real Estate startup with the mission to change the way people explore their future homes.

Team: Tim Budde, Alexander Dolokov, Martin Wirtig & Matthias Renneke

What does VRnow do?
Our team develops highly sophisticated deep learning algorithms to create beautiful interactive 3D models on the fly only based on already existing floor plans. Walk through apartments and get to know your place before you have ever been there.


Who are the people behind VRnow?
The management team consists of four guys, Alexander Dolokov, Martin Wirtig and Tim Budde. Tim has been working in IT-Business for over 8 years. The last 4 years as a Team leader. Alexander studied computer science with special interests in machine learning and computer vision. Martin brings over 10 years of experience working at the intersections of Communication, Digital and Brand Design. He is responsible for VRnow’s global creative vision.


What are your plans now?
We are currently dealing with the virtual walk- through of empty apartments. The next step will be to automate and change the furnishing and lighting of the apartment. By mid-2016 we plan to offer VR glasses to brokers, so that they are able to show their clients the virtual walkthroughs.