Timum Logo

Timum is a web-tool for online appointment booking.

Team: Carsten Mohs, Bastian Kruck, Jörn Kamphuis, Vincent Wyszynski & Andreas Rau

What does Timum do?
We are a Software as a Service company which provides a web-tool for online appointment booking. Imagine you are managing squash courts or sport classes. Currently you are getting many reservation calls, but instead you could also put your court availabilities and classes online to let the customer choose and sign up for your appointments, by booking through timum. This software can be used in every branch which is related to services booked over time.

What is the idea behind Timum?
Save time for service providers who manage their properties and services with our software. It also enables them to create great customer service experience with the opportunity for the customer to book services right away online whenever they want and wherever they are – independently from business hours.

Who are the people behind Timum?
We are passionate product guys. Influenced by a scientific background in computer science, human computer interaction and engineering we combined our experiences in user research, agile software development and business development to create software tools that provide efficient solutions for common challenges.