an iPad app used by real estate agents and property managers to conduct paperless property handovers and inspections.

Team: Didier Vermeiren & Zane Maurina

Tell us about your team!
The three founders all have previous startup experience (real estate, parking management app “Carambla“ and car insurance app). They met each other at the Founder Institute in Belgium as single founder entrepreneurs. The Berlin activities are headed by Didier Vermeiren (Founder & Director of the Founder Institute Berlin) and Zane Maurina (marketing).

What have you achieved in the last 3 months?
In the first month we localized the product and secured our first customer meetings to validate the product for the German market: “There is a market!” In the second month we updated the product and focused on onboarding our first clients via outbound marketing and received more product feedback – “We secured first paying customers.” In the last month we accelerated our onboarding via more online channels to further grow our userbase “We secured more happy paying customers.”

What are your plans for the next 12 months?
We will further extend our product offering, grow a solid customer base in the German market as well as move into other EU markets.