Get replacement keys with just a picture.

Team: Kilian Lück, Jan Steinkraus

What does MyKeys24 do?
With MyKeys24 you can order replacement keys, e.g. for your home, your mailbox, or your bicycle – based just on pictures taken with a mobile phone. From the pictures, we create a digital model of your physical key that you can save as your digital back-up. Even if you have already lost your key, you can easily order a replacement.

What is the idea behind MyKeys24?
If you ever needed a lock service to open your door you know how horrible and expensive this experience is. We wanted to provide a smarter solution: fast, cheap and non-destructive. But in a broader context, we really are trying to bring the key and lock service business online.

Who are the people behind MyKeys24?
We are a team of two with quite complementary skills. Jan is an IT specialist. With 15 years of development experience, he really knows about mobile development and also is a 3D expert. Kilian has a business administration background and has worked as a top-management consultant for 10 years. He manages the business operations.

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?
We felt that our proximity to real estate topics would be appreciated by ImmobilienScout24. We also think that ImmobilienScout24 can help us boost our business because of its enormous market reach, and the extensive mentoring program. And last but not least there was the money :)

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?
Obviously, we want to perfect our product and business model during our time here. But also, we want to take advantage of sitting right within the IS24 building, and make the most out of the cooperation.