We wash and clean your car.

Team: Slava Kister, Abdula Hamed, Mohamed Hamed, Natalie Kister & Dmitry Klimensky

What does MyCleaner do?
MyCleaner is the vehicle cleaner who comes to you. With myCleaner the way to a car wash and the queues at the car wash thing of the past.


What is the idea behind MyCleaner?
If you booked on www.mycleaner.com in a few minutes a cleaner and immediately get a binding commitment date. The cleaner comes and cleans the vehicle inside and out at any place and although there where the car is just., Thus leaving more time for more important or pleasant things and driving in the clean car is much more fun. Besides cleaning the cleaner done one more pair of important check-ups and also fills times the wiping water.Who are the people behind eywalk?