MieterEngel provides a legal and cost-effective online solution to renting problems.

Team: Simon Weller, Elizabeth Katsch & Christian Kahl

What does MieterEngel do?
We give tenants a cost-efficient way to solve any renting problem – legally, quickly and online. Our vision is to make sure tenants feel safe and stress-free in their own homes.

What is the idea behind MieterEngel?
Solving renting problems can be a nightmare. Sometimes you just can’t resolve disputes with your landlord or neighbor yourself, and legal action is your only option. But lawyers are expensive and traditional ‘Mietervereine’ (tenants’ associations) can be hard to reach and are poorly established online.

Our goal is to create an online service where tenants can solve their renting problems from the comfort of their own couch.

Our software categorizes all queries, so our lawyers are able to advise tenants as quickly as possible. Automated processes and open communication between all parties mean everything can be resolved easily and quickly online.

Who are the people behind MieterEngel?
The founding team consists of Christian Kahl, Simon Weller and Elizabeth Katsch. Christian and Simon met ten years ago at the University of Mannheim. They successfully established their own insights and innovation agency (www.obrands.de). Along with Elizabeth, a former Corporate Communication expert at ALBA Group, they started MieterEngel in February 2016 and are currently looking for a CTO to join their team.

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?
There are three main things:

  • To create and launch our first prototype, where tenants can get legal advice from our lawyers.
  • Securing contracts with our partner lawyers will be as important as creating a technical roadmap for our digital software. Data collected during this test period will be used to optimize our online marketing channels and digital processes.
  • We will also further improve our pitch to future tenants and investors.