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The LookAround app let you capture 360° virtual tours in minutes without any additional equipment other than your smartphone.

Team: Nick Atanasov & Kevin Goedecke

What does Lookaround do?
The LookAround app let you capture 360° virtual tours in minutes without any additional equipment other than your smartphone. We want to disrupt the way housing listings are presented online and take the viewing experience to the next level. With Virtual Reality support for VR goggles like Google Cardboard users will get an amazingly realistic impression of houses or apartments, without the hassle of traveling. Our virtual tours are viewable through the app or any state-of-the-art web browser and can even be embedded in existing websites.

What is the idea behind Lookaround?
Online housing listings with static pictures give you a very limited and non-realistic impression of houses and apartments. Additionally, in person real estate tours are often very time consuming and highly inconvenient due to travel required. As of yet there is no simple solution to create virtual tours without hiring a special photographer or buying expensive equipment. LookAround provides an easy solution to capture virtual tours using your smartphone, while delivering VR ready content on most platforms currently available.

Who are the people behind Lookaround?
Nick Atanasov and Kevin Goedecke met in 2015 in Stuttgart. Experienced in both engineering and product strategy, Nick is located in Portland, OR and takes care of marketing and sales in the US. Nick will leverage his large business network in the Pacific Northwest to grow the business and develop further funding opportunities. Kevin recently moved to Berlin to participate in the accelerator program of ImmobilienScout24. With 8+ years of experience in software development and web design, he takes care of the product development and marketing & sales in Europe specifically focusing on Germany.

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?
The YOU IS NOW accelerator provides access to an eco-system that is very market specific. Through the collaboration we will be able to utilize the experience and know-how of a market leader in the real estate industry and refine our product to match the needs of small real estate agencies as well as large business customers. Through the coaching and mentoring of ImmobilienScout24 we also hope to increase our knowledge in various fields ranging from business growth to market specific product development and marketing.

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?
We want to focus on a few key aspects: Refining the product on market relevant feedback, establishing partners and securing additional funding. We would like to work very closely with ImmobilienScout24 and have no doubt that they will provide us with critical feedback and new ideas. Integration with their platform in the future may also be possible. In order to generate more traction, we would like to increase our user base and prepare for an amazing product launch by fall 2016. We are confident that that the network, the knowledge and expertise of the YOU IS NOW accelerator will be a great opportunity for us.