We make key sharing easy.

Team: Ivan Palenik, Julie Berg, Adam Stipak, Vincent Audoire

What does Keydock do?
Keydock helps Airbnb hosts offer flexible check-in to their guests by building a network of key sharing locations in cool, local cafés. Sign up on www.mykeydock.com, add a guest and drop off your keys in the café of your choice. Now your guest can pick up your keys with the one-time PIN they received by email. And you get notified when your guest has picked up your key. We ensure security by keeping your keys anonymous, so that no one knows to which door or even to which name your keys belong. Everything runs through one-time PINs. We are live with 20 partnering cafés in Berlin since September 2014, now growing the network.

Why did you join YOU IS NOW?
We want to explore the use case for key sharing in the Real Estate market. We are working together with teams at Immobilienscout24 to do tests with different stakeholders and identify if, where and for whom Keydock can open doors in the Real Estate market.

Who are the people behind Keydock?
Keydock was founded in Berlin in March 2014. The team gradually grew in its first year and now has 4 co-founders: Ivan, Julie, Adam and Vincent. Ivan and Julie both have a business background, Adam is a full-stack web developer and Vincent is an iOS developer. We are a young but very dynamic and international team.

What are your goals for the next three months?
We want to bring easy key sharing to other large European cities and make key sharing in cafés a common practice.