KautionsRetter offers tenants assistance on everything related to cosmetic repairs when they move out of a flat.

Team: Mateus Kratz, Linda Jazzar, Martin Becker, Stefan Blumenthal & Bjoern Maurer

What is the idea behind KautionsRetter?
With KautionsRetter we want to offer tenants assistance on everything related to cosmetic repairs when they move out of a flat. We will support them in avoiding the legal pitfalls of their tenancy agreements, define the scope of necessary cosmetic repairs and subsequently also provide the right service for their renovation. Our service will minimize the risk of complaints from the landlord who will subsequently agree to reimburse their full rental deposit.

To achieve this, KautionsRetter will offer two main services, both bookable online: a DoItYourself box with all the basic material to repair minor damages in the flat by yourself or the appointment of an accredited handyman who will take care of all the necessary repair work on your behalf. Overall we want to alleviate the pain many people experience when moving out of a flat, which will consequently give them more time to focus on things they actually care about, such as their new home.

Who are the people behind KautionsRetter?
We are a team of five entrepreneurs: Linda Jazzar, Mateus Kratz, Martin Becker, Stefan Blumenthal and Björn Maurer. As all of us have had problems with the reimbursement of our rental deposits in the past, we are convinced that KautionsRetter offers a perfect solution for a stress-free and harmonious move.

Your goal for the next 3 months?
We are planning to further develop our services and extend our network of accredited handymen in other major German cities. We are glad to be part of the YIN accelerator program and are confident that, guided by our mentors, we are moving forward in the right direction.