Your Office for your Apartment.

Team: Mathias Gerdt, Marcus Willner & Sascha Rolfsen

What does HomeWhere do?
homewhere.io makes the process of viewing, finding, and getting an apartment easier and more transparent for renters and leasers. Particularly in bigger cities around the world the problems are the same: high demand, small chances, a huge number of applications. Lots of “monetizable pain” on both sides.

Tell us about your team!
We are a team of four and have been working together since 2012 (homewhere started in 2013), we have lots of experience and all necessary skills on board:

  • Mathias: Dev (Mobile, Front- and Backend)
  • Marcus: Dev (Backend, JS)
  • Sascha: Design and Frontend Dev
  • Dirk: Product, Marketing, Sales

What have you achieved in the last 3 months?
We grew to 7.000 users in DE and AT, integrated all important real estate portals, developed cool features, a better userflow and an import API for apartments (OpenImmo). Our users spread the word and invite each other, marketing works like a charm, even on Facebook. Interesting potential investors called. We‘re still having fun.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?
Testing the product in other cities around the world, London and SF are in the works. Testing different price points for search and offers, integrating more partners who are already on a waiting list. Becoming the “1 click solution” for rentals.