Our online platform guides you through the process of buying a shared property. We provide information and group organization tools, as well as a legal agreement and a connection to mortgage lenders.

Team: Joel Dullroy, Dominik, Ibrahim Sawaneh, Dominik Keller & Christoph Lippert

How are you going to change the world with your idea?
GroupEstate will change people’s minds about property ownership. We will introduce the idea of sharing and group ownership to the property market. We will make it possible for people to buy their own flat, together with friends and family, instead of staying trapped in the unstable and increasingly-expensive rental market. By focusing on owner-occupiers, we will assist people in buying their own home. This makes us different from other concepts of “crowdinvesting for real estate”, which don’t assist the residents of properties. We, on the other hand, are entirely focused on resident-owners.

Who are the people behind GroupEstate?
Joel Dullroy is the initiator of GroupEstate, and will be responsible for communication, marketing, and project management. Joel was previously the co-founder of a coworking search portal, and has been a journalist for many years. He brings leadership and communication skills.
Ibrahim Sawaneh is a former auditor from PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a business graduate from Humboldt Universitaet. He will be responsible for finances, accounting, and management. Ibrahim brings skills such as number crunching, detail spotting, milestone tracking, and forward strategy.
Dominik Keller is GroupEstate’s CTO. He will build the backend of the online platform. Dominik has worked as a programmer for many banking and finance services, and knows how to build a robust and secure platform.
Christoph Lippert is responsible for GroupEstate’s partnerships with banks and investors. After working in the banking and finance industry for several decades, Christoph will forge strong partnerships with mortgage lenders to ensure GroupEstate’s users can get a home loan. He will also negotiate future rounds of funding.

Your goal for the next 3 months?
We will build a prototype of GroupEstate’s web platform, and invite beta testers to give it a try. We’ll form strong partnerships with banks to make sure our group buyers can get a home loan. We’ll write and research a lot about shared property, and change people’s minds about the concept of buying a home. It is possible to do it together with friends and family, and we’ll show you how!