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Flatnut provides a complete vertical solution helping property managers in everything they do, each and every day.

Team: Christian Gorgas & Kian Schreiber

What does Flatnut do?
Flatnut centralizes the communication between property managers, landlords, tenants and contractors. Process such as flat handovers, delinquency handling, marketing and accounting are seamlessly integrated and standardized. Flatnut provides an easy and fun tool for property managers to manage their daily business.

What is the idea behind Flatnut?
The property management sphere is vastly under-digitalised. While the process of matching tenants to flats is gaining a lot of attention, everything past the point of the tenant moving into the flat still occurs largely analog. Solutions for individual parts of the process (i.e. handovers, accounting, etc) exist. However, fully integrated and easy to use solutions are lacking.

Flatnut will provide the platform for property managers to seamlessly communicate, handle daily tasks and connect all smart devices regarding the digital home, rendering a complete picture of the properties that are being managed. Flatnut provides a complete vertical solution helping property managers in everything they do, each and every day.

Who are the people behind Flatnut?
Christian Gorgas (Product & Business) and Kian Schreiber (Product & Sales) have worked on digital projects for start ups and small to mid sized businesses together before deciding to delve into the unexplored area of property management in the cloud.

Christian comes from the management consulting world while Kian has a strong background in e-commerce. Their shared passion for simplicity in design and amazing usability drives their product development as well as their vision for Flatnut – love software for property management.

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?
With flatnut we want to enable a seamless process in the renting business by helping property managers to start where rental sites finish. Together with ImmobilienScout24, the market leader in the rental business, we want to learn how best to facilitate this transition and gain further insights into the pain points of current customers.

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?
During the next three months we will be taking our product to the beta phase in which first customers will be able to switch from their existing tools to flatnut. Our main focus will lie on our communication module as well as optimizing the migration process with our initial customers. We will create a solid MVP and use this proof of concept as the basis for recruiting larger property management firms and landlords.