a place to create & share your videos about locations from a selfie perspective.

Eywalk is the platform where people create and share personal videos about locations from a selfie perspective.

Team: Andreas Ebert & Dirk Müller-Dornieden

What does eywalk do?

An ”eywalk-video” is a short and personal video that shows a location. Contrary to an image film, it presents a location from a customer’s perspective. With the script-based eywalk app we will simplify the video production process drastically and hence enable the mass production of location review videos.

What is the idea behind eywalk?

There are countless platforms that all want to help you to find THE right location. whether that´s the right hotel, restaurant, eventlocation, campsite, neighbourhood word property. Today, most platforms rely on text+photo reviews. We believe a video let´s you experience a location and that within the coming years, every location will get a video review. We want catalyse this process by enabling anyone to create engaging video reviews with our script-based eywalk app.

Who are the people behind eywalk?

Dirk Müller-Dornieden (sales+scaling) und Andreas Ebert (sales+product) are working together since 3 years. Before eywalk they worked on guidewriters.com. Andreas helped build-up map24.com (2000-2007) and Dirk has 10+ years work experience with large corporates in the areas of sales, process optimisation and finance. They incorporated eywalk in March 2015 and are currently participating in the accelerator program YouIsNow of Immobilienscout24. Currenty they are looking for a CTO to join the team.

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?

We see great value in providing „eywalk videos“ for many business segments of the Scout24 group, especially in the real estate segment. The YOU IS NOW program will allow us to gear our product development towards the needs of large business customers in a way not possible otherwise. Through the on-site cooperation and the coaching, we hope to speed up our market entry and make it more successful.

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?

Planning and execution of working processes (video production, eywalker recruiting, video publishing) using the customer case of the Scout24 group. All to-dos (locations, topic, story book, length, appointments) shall be made manageable online as so-called „missions“, to allow improving and optimizing processes. The goal is to then build larger national and international missions on this foundation. Also, we want to use our insights gained from the accelerator program to improve our pitch to B2B customers and investors.