The living and serviceportal for multifamily residence.

Team: Peter Schindlmeier, Oliver Stamm, David Langer

What does casavi do?
Casavi is a customer communication and service portal solution for property management companies and housing cooperatives. It helps these organizations connect with their customers in a more efficient, immediate and user-friendly way by utilizing a mix of digital channels such as mobile, web and email. In doing so casavi acts as the front-desk for inbound as well as outbound customer communication and utilizes existing ERP and CRM solutions by integrating with their database and workflows.

What is the idea behind casavi?
Digital technologies and services are rapidly changing entire industries and are increasingly impacting our daily lives. The property management sector and all processes relating to customer communication in that space are lagging behind on that development. We believe that property owners and tenants – i.e. the customer base of property managers – would greatly benefit from digital communication and services through ease of use, transparency and instant availability. That being said for property managers to connect with customers online via casavi unlocks an immense potential to decrease the cost of communication. It leads to more streamlined processes, a reduction in the number of letters being sent and mitigation of redundant enquiries from customers.

Who are the people behind casavi?
The Munich-based core team behind casavi consists of David Langer, Oliver Stamm and Peter Schindlmeier. David is an expert web- and app-developer who has previously worked on Smart Home solutions including Smart Metering services for several large electricity suppliers. Oliver has a background in IT consultancy which he applies to his role of product manager at casavi. Peter has ten years of experience as a digital project manager and sales consultant in the B2B Software-as-a-Service space. And we all live in flats and can’t wait for our respective property managers to start rolling out casavi ;-)

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?
Immobilienscout24 was one of the earliest disruptors in the online sector, changing the entire property sales and lettings sector in Germany. Today every real estate professional is working with Immobilienscout24 in one way or another. The property management sector is next in line for a big shift towards digital. So for us being part of the YOU IS NOW program means we are able to tap into the expertise, research and strategic mindset at Immobilienscout24 to help make this shift happen faster and more profoundly.

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?
There are three key aspects we want to focus on while being part of YOU IS NOW. IS24 has established teams in all fields relevant to us as a startup. Getting constructive feedback and advice on topics such as product development, UX design, B2B marketing or sales can be a real advantage. Secondly we want to identify touch points with IS24 around product integration and partnerships. We approach the market from a different angle but the stakeholders are not that different. And we also see our time here as an opportunity to build connections with Berlin-based startups in order to cooperate with them going forward or at the very least meet up for a beer to share experiences.