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Team: Leopold Neuerburg, Paul Indinger, Artem Ostankov

What is Building Radar?
Building Radar is your satellite-supported search engine for b2b construction sales leads. Every day our cloud-based big data solution detects, adds and enhances thousands of new construction leads. This technology allows cost savings of up to 79%, compared to competitors. Our customers include world market leaders like Viessmann and Gerhardt Braun. They need to know as early as possible when, where and what type of building is going to be built by whom in order to sell their products to them. Join us now to help us revolutionize a €71B market.

What is the idea behind Building Radar?
In contrast to our competitors we do not rely on human labour for data research. Instead, we created a satellite-based search algorithm that automatically detects, updates, and adds new construction projects to our database. We use satellite images to verify the current status of construction projects, derive information like building ground plan and lot size, and make assumptions about demographic factors and geographical layout etc. from them. This technology-based approach has three main advantages:

(I) our data is always up-to-date because the research is done in real time 24 hours a day (rather than waiting for a research analyst to stumble up on them).

(II) we not only supply our customers with new leads on construction projects, but are able to verify their current status. Construction projects are rarely developed as planned (e.g. delay in construction). Via satellite technology we are able to detect these changes instantly and do not depend on the data that is publicly available. This is very important because every product or service is sold to a construction project in a different stage (i.e. planning service at the very beginning vs. office furniture after completion).

(III) because we rely on technology to gather data, we are significantly more cost efficient than our competitors

Who are the people behind Building Radar?
The company’s management team consists of its three co-founders, Paul Indinger, Artem Ostankov and Leopold Neuerburg. The co-founders are alumni of universities such as LSE, Cambridge, CDTM or TU Munich. Further they gained relevant market experience at search companies such as Google or as sales leads consultant in the US.

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?
From UX experts, to real estate specialists and legal advisors, YOU IS NOW provides us with first hand support of industry experts from all areas including people like Jawed Karim (Co-Founder, YouTube). We also benefit from the brand Immobilienscout24, given their reputation as a market leader in online real estate in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).

What are your goals during the time at YOU IS NOW?
During our time at YOU IS NOW we want to close a Series-A funding round and are currently on the look out for investors. Further, we aim to establish a data-cooperation between Immobilienscout24 and Building Radar. We can provide superior early-stage sales leads in return for Immobilienscout24’s detailed information on the DACH construction market.