AIRTEAM is a full service drone provider creating stunning aerial photos, videos & 3D models

Thomas Gorski

What does AIRTEAM do?
The drone revolution has already started and drones are becoming increasingly cheaper and easier to fly. However, creating professional, safe and stunning aerial imagery and video is not easy and requires piloting and camera skills. This is what AIRTEAM offers. Professional AIRTEAM pilots all over Germany deliver never before seen aerial shots of real estate, construction, events, sports, agriculture and industrial inspections.

What is the idea behind AIRTEAM?
There are many talented drone pilots all over Germany that have great piloting and camera skills, but sometimes lack the passion and skills for professional marketing and sales. We at AIRTEAM are experts in finding customers that need aerial imagery. We then hand the drone flying to our expert pilots for fulfillment, creating a win-win situation for pilots, customers and for AIRTEAM. We will create industry service standards in order to build a scalable platform and shape the drone service market of tomorrow.

Who are the people behind AIRTEAM?
Thomas Gorski (Founder & Team Captain) of AIRTEAM is passionate, highly motivated and contagiously optimistic. He combines 10 years of marketing, sales and entrepreneurial exerience in large corporations and start-ups. His passion is for drone flying, start-up businesses, kitesurfing and snowboarding. He started AIRTEAM in the beginning of 2016 and is currently participating in the accelerator program YOU IS NOW of Scout24.

Why did you apply for the YOU IS NOW accelerator program?
We approached Immobilienscout24 as the ideal partner for AIRTEAM even before knowing about the YouIsNow accelerator program. There was immediate interest and when we found out about the YOU IS NOW program we were immediately intrigued and applied only two days later. The YOU IS NOW program will allow us to better understand the needs of real estate customers and hopefully allow us to build the perfect AIRTEAM service for customers such as immobilienscout24.

What is your goal during the time at YOU IS NOW?
Our goal during the YOU IS NOW program is first of all to bring stunning aerial imagery and videos to as many Immobilienscout24 customers as possible. Secondly we are planning to enhance our online platform via business process automatization. Thirdly we want to have fun and fly our drones as much as possible.