Valley in Berlin – 06 April 2017



Launched three years ago, Valley in Berlin is a one day conference bringing together interesting Silicon Valley speakers with startups, founders, investors, mentors & politicians from around the world.





Valley In Berlin Sponsor - You Is Now


Founded in 2014, My Couch Box is a young company that aims to make your life more palatable with a variety of snacks and sweets.

MyCouchbox delivers surprise snackboxes that contain a colorful mix of confectionery and snacks from around 200 brands from all over the world. Due to the market potential, we see our target at 23,000 boxes and we estimate that it will reach this by 2020.


Optionspace is the online platform for flexibly renting and letting office space. The company was founded in Berlin and started its service in 2017. As a marketplace we match tenants and landlords. We allow tenants to rent full offices or single office rooms flexibly and needs-oriented starting at a lease duration of 1 month. Landlords can easily and efficiently generate attractive rental income through our platform and digitize their leasing processes.


senden24 does 1 hour delivery, time-definite, on demand. We enable urban stores to offer innovative home-delivery to their customers.


Mealmine is an online platform that dynamically generates personalised menu options from local restaurants for diners with restricted dietary needs.

For people with dietary restrictions, spontaneity isn’t an option. Dining-out requires complicated and time-consuming research prior to entering the restaurant.

In addition to displaying individually tailored menus our platform enables diners the possibility to pre-order meals to either takeaway or dine-in at their favorite restaurants or explore other choices based on their needs.

Mealmine empowers discovery, of the way the world eats and how diet specific changes optimise lives.


Make a solid career change with Talentif. We walk you through every essential consideration. On the platform our coaches and industry experts explain what to evaluate and how: from finding your strengths to assessing future-fit activities. With our process you will have all outcomes of your considerations on one page. Implement your decision with affiliated education programs and our job board! Start today and get the career you deserve.


We Give Emerging Artists -Musicians & D.J.s- Their Tool to Build & Manage a Sustainable Career. Perform Anywhere, Anytime

AIRSTAGE is a modern full service dedicated to Emerging Artists to help them amplify their visibility, reach their fans and develop their career. It is a mobile app

AIRSTAGE helps Artists to be more visible, to perform more: it’s their “virtual agent”.

AIRSATGE key differentiating solution is based on intuitive powerful tool:

Integrated: with all social media

Automated and Live: in palm of hand

Using Real-time analytics and performance-based rewards

Using Live mobile geo-location/fencing tracking technologies


The Insightist

The Insightist develops edutainment digital content for enhancing cultural competency and deliver it through a mobile app so that the user gets a personalized learning package customized according to their own learning abilities and cultural comprehension. In the context of global workforce crisis, the learning package helps young professionals from emerging economies to adapt to global/cosmopolitan work environments better. To be introduced in the Indian market in the last quarter of 2017, it aims to cater to 100,000 users in first three years.


Holi Natural

HOLI NATURAL merges healthy functional food and organic personal care with a broad conscious living program. We believe convenient conscious food will be the next big step.

We are a sustainable consumer brand that supports people on their way to a better and more conscious life – with food and care products, guides and health advice.

We create and produce products for people who deeply care about their body, well-being, and health.

Our costumers get the best what nature has to offer in a simple fun and accessible way.

Try our Golden Milk today, by ordering online or in many coffee places in Berlin – and soon also in local retail.


VR Features

VR Features is a studio that focuses on designing top quality VR games. Our team, having designed some of the industry’s largest gaming hits, including but not limited to: Metro 2033, Warface, Hitman, Cryostasis, brings over 10 years of top notch professional game development experience.

Currently, we’re are creating our new VR product, a single-player shooting game that transports the gamer to a post apocalyptic world in which, they battle genetically modified super solders and mutant creatures utilising advanced VR gaming mechanics.


Ben Larson, VIB16 Speaker
Ben Larson, Co-Founder Of Gateway Incubator

Ben Larson is a serial entrepreneur, professional business coach, and startup advisor based in San Francisco, California. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gateway, California's first business accelerator for the burgeoning cannabis industry.

In his spare and less controversial time, Ben is a Director for the Founder Institute in San Francisco, and formerly managed global operations for the Founder Institute’s 100+ cities. He advises early stage companies around the world with a focus on brand foundation, customer development, user experience, and pitching.

Christian Bubenheim
Christian Bubenheim, Scout24

Christian has 20+ years’ leadership experience in Product Marketing and Business Development at technology leaders Apple, Intel and Compaq before coming to amazon as Division Leader Consumables. The graduate in industrial engineering is also a dedicated serial entrepreneur and co-founded Dataflix GmbH and FlowNow GmbH. Christian is also investor and board member of the e-commerce platform for furniture vonwilmomsky.com.

Christoph Sollich - The Pitch Doctor

Christoph is known as The Pitch Doctor in Berlin and beyond. After working in advertising, he got into startups in 2007. For the last 4 years, he´s helped 100s of startups improve the way they pitch to investors, partners etc. He´s a coach for dozens of accelerators, incubators and startup competitions around Europe and MENA.

Claude G. Théoret, Founder CEO, Nexalogy

Claude founded Nexalogy in 2006 with the goal of brining social discovery to everyone. Before Nexalogy Claude did his postdoctoral work at the Collège de France with the HESS collaboration, where he co-published two papers in Nature and one in Science. After a second postdoctoral fellowship, he was professor of physics and statistics at the American University in Paris.

He turned his analytical expertise to Actor Network Theory and his work on the mapping of the Nanotechnology community has been published twice. Claude holds a PhD in Physics (Astrophysics) from McGill University. Goal? To simply build the best social discovery company in the world

Specialties: Nexalogy is a world leader in the domain of strategic network intellgence and its applications to: political strategy, web based PR, stakeholder mappping and innovation management.

Mei Wen - Singularity University & Startup Sweden

Mei Wen is a Polar Explorer that has summited some of the world‘s highest/coldest mountains. She is an Oxford Grad, Robotics Engineer, Confounded startup Sweden and Frogleap Accelerator. Now she is looking at utilizing exponential technology to solve some of the world‘s biggest challenges. Previously Mei has worked in Banking (Morgan Stanley), Consulting(Mckinsey) and as head of data analytics at IBM.

Katharina Lüth - Head of Europe at Raisin

As Head of Europe she is responsible for scaling the platform internationally and running the non-German language platforms allowing customers from across the European Union access to higher interest and better savings products with the highest convenience possible.

As Head of Europe she is responsible for scaling the platform internationally and running the non-German language platforms allowing customers from across the European Union access to higher interest and better savings products with the highest convenience possible.

Raul Krauthausen, Founder SOZIALHELDEN

Growing up in Berlin, he early on dedicated his life to creating change. He enrolled at the Berlin University of Arts, studied Design Thinking, created a campaign for the Right Livelihood Award, trained as a radio host with a call-in show for people in emotional distress, confronting himself with poverty, abuse and loneliness in the dark niches of the welfare state. Reacting to these social issues with a spirit of inclusiveness, participation and entrepreneurship, Raul co-founded the SOZIALHELDEN platform, a multi-award-winning group of extraordinary changemakers, of which he is one of the creative masterminds. The group has a track record of creating successful, sustainable and well marketed social innovations, including “Pfandtastisch helfen!”, Germany’s most prominent recycling for social change project, and “SuperZivi”, a radio casting show for young changemakers. While continuing to contribute to the SOZIALHELDEN, Raul now fully concentrates on growing the wheelmap.org community.

In April 2013, he received the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon from the German Federal President.

Adeline Lee
Adeline Lee - Director of Product at Clue

Adeline Lee is the Director of Product at Clue, one of the world's most popular female health apps. With 10 years of experience in telecommunications and tech, she currently focuses on both marketing (ASO, localization and digital marketing) and product (definition, conceptualization, implementation and messaging strategy). She previously worked as the Director of Global Partnerships for Telenor Group based out of Bangkok, leading social media partnerships with companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia.

Maren Courage - Founder VR Business Club

Maren Courage has worked extensively as a producer and director and has been involved in projects including Germany’s prime time drama Tatort. She’s also been responsible for creating digital marketing tools, working with some of Germany’s leading on-screen talent including Matthias Schweighöfer, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Fahri Yardim and Nora Tschirner. Commercial clients include Porsche, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment. As Co-Founder of the VR Business Platform she is organizing VR Club events throughout Germany where executives across all branches are discussing monetization, business models and the future development of the Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Market.

Oliver Autumn - Founder VR Business Club

Oliver Autumn has technical engineering and finance background, having held senior positions in companies in software development, corporate venture capital and film production. He was formerly the managing partner of software development company NetCoach GmbH and worked with companies including Audi, VW, and Siemens, then one of the forerunners supplying ‘multimedia’ to the industrial sector. Following the sale of the company, he advised as managing partner of the economic consultant agoenta GmbH venture capitalists and private entrepreneurs. Oliver is Co-Founder of the VR Business Platform which connects Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Providers with Brands, Industry, Entertainment and Investors.

Sadeesha Gamhewa
Sadee Gamhewa - Founder Monday.ai

Sadee's passion is to create intelligent products and magical user experiences using machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has led the development of many successful consumer and enterprise products, and he is an expert in combining product management, engineering, data science, and user experience design to build amazing products.

Elsita Mayer-Brandt
Elsita Sanya - Head of International Strategy & Expansion at Eventbrite

Elsita Sanya is Head of International Strategy & Expansion at San Francisco based event ticketing and technology platform Eventbrite. She has been involved in developing the strategy for the company’s expansion into international markets, launching offices in e.g. Ireland, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Before joining Eventbrite in May 2012, Elsita worked as a management consultant for Solon Management Consulting, a strategy consultancy focused on Media, Technology and Telecommunication, where she managed projects for some of the largest media companies in Europe.

A Berlin native, Elsita holds a Dual Diploma (equivalent to BBA) from the ESB Business School Reutlingen, Germany and the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), Spain. She completed her MBA with Honors from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Natascha Wegelin - Founder wg-suche.de

After her first jobs at Google and PARSHIP as a product manager, Natascha founded wg-suche.de in 2012 together with Carsten Wagner.
Soon after launch the team of wg-suche.de started a strategic partnership with ImmobilienScout24 which lasts until today.
With wg-suche.de Natascha and Carsten are making the process of finding new flatmates and shared flats quicker and easier for everyone. Today, wg-suche is the 3rd biggest shared flat portal in Germany and still growing. Besides wg-suche.de they also launched a shared living portal for elderly people (www.senioren-wg-finden.de) as well as Hubble (http://hellohubble.com/), a mobile app for organizing shared households.

Jonathan Greechan neu
Jonathan Greechan - Co-Founder Founder Institute

Jonathan Greechan is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at the Founder Institute, Executive Producer of the Founder Showcase, and a Partner of TheFunded.com. Prior, he built and ran the marketing team at Game Trust, which raised $20M+ and sold to RealNetworks in 2007

Dr. Sebastien Foucaud - Head of Data Science at Scout24

Dr. Sebastien Foucaud is the Head of Data Science at Scout24. As an Astrophysicist, he spent over a decade at the forefront of pioneering technological development powered by statistics of extremely large numbers. From analysing several billions of celestial objects and Petabytes of heterogeneous data, tackling the "Big" in "Big-Data", he has since driven innovation across industries in credit risk, user segmentation, monetisation models, content quality and global BI systems to enable data-driven business decisions and implement Machine-Learning based products as Head of Data Science in the Financial (P2P marketplace) and Internet (e-Commerce/Classifieds) companies.

David Yoon - ylab

David Yoon is a partner at ylab, a technology group based in San Francisco. Previously he served as the Director of Engineering at fwd.us, an advocacy group founded by Mark Zuckerberg and other leaders in silicon valley to work on immigration reform and was the VP of Engineering at Samasource, which pioneered online-work as a solution to poverty.

Sandro Stark
Sandro Stark - Industry Advisor Media – Microsoft Germany

Sandro fondly remembers growing up using floppy disks and game cartridges and since then remained fascinated with technological innovation, digital business ideas and new ways of branding products and services. Before joining Microsoft Sandro consulted corporations in fields of search engine optimization and content monetization. He is now a passionate advocate for technology as an enabler for new business models and customer experiences. Sandro is a ambitious surfer and outdoor sportsman and alumni of the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London.

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